Episode 3: Gus Pancakes Returns

Gus Pancakes Returns Crossed Wires

This week Pam (I mean…Pat) calls Gus Pancakes to talk about a spooky scary Halloween Edition of the elusive TEN YEARS pedal. Along the way they spiral downward into some juicy fun facts about Gus’s love life, The Spago rascal known only as “Little Ricky”, atypical bypass hoaxes and his decade long career of massive commercial success. The two even answer some listener questions from Scooter Hamilton, Rob Ketchum, Allison, Paul, ARLO, and others.

This episode was produced and recorded by your host Pat Benson. For more information check out the world wide website.

“Potential Future Sponsors” include Saran Wrap “The Most Amazing Food Wrap Ever Developed”.

Crossed Wires is part of the Night Shift Radio network. Visit them on the web at NightShiftRadio.com

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Based in Los Angeles, Ca

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