Linnda Forat Drum Sample Pack

I uploaded some drum samples from Episode 1: Ten Years is a Decade over on the podcast’s Bandcamp page. All samples are WAV files at 24 bit resolution with a rating of 44.1 samples per second and were recorded by yours truly. Feel free to use these however you deem worthy and share in theContinue reading “Linnda Forat Drum Sample Pack”

Episode 1: Ten Years is a Decade

On this episode I enlist the help of some friends in the Strokes, Paramore, and Joshua Heath Scott of JHS pedals to unravel the mystery behind the TEN YEARS pedal. How does it sound? Who makes it? Where can you find them? These are all questions that may have answers… Visit to get yourContinue reading “Episode 1: Ten Years is a Decade”

Best “Guitar Music” of 2021

Strong arguments have been made over the landscape of modern day popular music that the guitar went extinct during the last epoch. However, if there has been one prevailing notion during uncertain times it’s that art and music can serve as medicine for the mind, body and soul, and for me that was “Guitar Music”Continue reading “Best “Guitar Music” of 2021″

Pedalboard Build: Jesse Tobias

Back in April of 2019 I started working with Jesse Tobias (guitar player for Morrissey). In preparations for an upcoming tour he wanted to update his current board as it was a mess of mismatched power cables, gross old velcro, and busted pedals. I was eagerd to get my hands on this and get hisContinue reading “Pedalboard Build: Jesse Tobias”

Fuzz: Ibanez FZ7

Since this is the first in a small series of reviews that I will be doing I thought it would be a good idea to choose a pedal that is commonly overlooked and more importantly not a new “boutique” pedal. There is plenty of that already going on in my opinion. The Tone-Lok series (alsoContinue reading “Fuzz: Ibanez FZ7”

Pedalboard Build: Dan Wilson

On my bench a couple weeks back was a pedalboard build for Dan Wilson, guitarist for the band Dommengang; a stoner rock band based here in Los Angeles. This board had to be completed in just a few days as Dan was heading to Europe to begin a tour. First things first, we needed aContinue reading “Pedalboard Build: Dan Wilson”