Episode 3: Gus Pancakes Returns

This week Pam (I mean…Pat) calls Gus Pancakes to talk about a spooky scary Halloween Edition of the elusive TEN YEARS pedal. Along the way they spiral downward into some juicy fun facts about Gus’s love life, The Spago rascal known only as “Little Ricky”, atypical bypass hoaxes and his decade long career of massiveContinue reading “Episode 3: Gus Pancakes Returns”

Episode 1: Ten Years is a Decade

On this episode I enlist the help of some friends in the Strokes, Paramore, and Joshua Heath Scott of JHS pedals to unravel the mystery behind the TEN YEARS pedal. How does it sound? Who makes it? Where can you find them? These are all questions that may have answers… Visit tenyearsisadecade.com to get yourContinue reading “Episode 1: Ten Years is a Decade”