Gus Pancakes Returns Crossed Wires

This week Pam (I mean…Pat) calls Gus Pancakes to talk about a spooky scary Halloween Edition of the elusive TEN YEARS pedal. Along the way they spiral downward into some juicy fun facts about Gus's love life, The Spago rascal known only as "Little Ricky", atypical bypass hoaxes and his decade long career of massive commercial success. The two even answer some listener questions from Scooter Hamilton, Rob Ketchum, Allison, Paul, ARLO, and others.This episode was produced and recorded by your host Pat Benson. For more information check out the world wide website."Potential Future Sponsors" include Saran Wrap "The Most Amazing Food Wrap Ever Developed".Crossed Wires is part of the Night Shift Radio network. Visit them on the web at This podcast is hosted by Captivate, try it yourself for free. Mentioned in this episode:Tipples & TolkienA brand new after show for the Amazon Prime Video "Rings of Power" series. Bringing you lore, commentary, interviews, and a fancy new drink recipe every week.

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Best “Guitar Music” of 2021

Strong arguments have been made over the landscape of modern day popular music that the guitar went extinct during the last epoch. However, if there has been one prevailing notion during uncertain times it’s that art and music can serve as medicine for the mind, body and soul, and for…

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Five Ways to Get to Know Your Multimeter

(Originally published on the Earthquaker Devices blog.) A digital multimeter is one of the most useful tools for anyone working on electronic instruments. They are used all across repair shops, on the road, and can always be reliable in dire situations. This is a must-have tool for anyone getting into…

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Pedalboard Build: Jesse Tobias

Back in April of 2019 I started working with Jesse Tobias (guitar player for Morrissey). In preparations for an upcoming tour he wanted to update his current board as it was a mess of mismatched power cables, gross old velcro, and busted pedals. I was eagerd to get my hands…

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